Tyler Toy

Industrial Designer

San Francisco

Tyler Toy


You can usually find me either at work, at the gym or climbing a rock somewhere. I love cultures, lifestyles and trends and how people influence and are influenced by them. I’m fortunate enough to take part in affecting those experiences through product.


Hyperactive class clown who asked too many questions about everything. Not much has changed.

My family
My friends
My puppy
My first cup of coffee


I’d like to think of play as more a mentality than an action. So in that way, play is in everything for me – what I do, how I’m doing it, and most importantly why I’m doing it.

What is your first memory of design thinking?

I would bet that my first experience using design thinking had to be trying to get out of eating my vegetables as a kid. The problem statement? I didn’t like them. The approach? Strategically, place them onto my siblings' and parents' plates while they weren’t looking. That or pretend to be allergic and get really good at pretending to be sick after eating them. In my head, I was a great actor. My parents might tell you otherwise. It was an iterative process, of course. Still working on it.

Tyler Toy
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