Vipul Negi

Senior Mechanical Engineer

San Francisco

Vipul Negi


I support a talented multidisciplinary team that works on products that occupy the medical, consumer and some niche market spaces.


Through my career, I have had the opportunity of working with smart individuals from whom I have derived a lot of knowledge. I have been involved with both design- and product-based firms, one of which also had an onsite manufacturing facility. I have designed medical devices, household appliances, specialized lab/research machines and also programmed a number of these automated systems.


Creative and engineering sound design solutions is what I strive for. I thoroughly enjoy developing and implementing smart mechanisms and developing intelligent electromechanical systems.


I love biking (both road and mountain), which I bundle with my other passion of exploring new places. I also enjoy playing soccer and some racquet sports. I also write code for my pet projects.

First memory of design thinking

Growing up in an area with limited access to any decent bikes, we rode ones probably made of pig iron. The amount of food you had eaten in the past few weeks and collected between the saddle and your sit-bones dictated the compliance of the ride. The brakes were bureaucratic – you submitted in triplicate and waited for your turn. These bikes broke often and with the closest bike store three-and-a-half hours away, I remember trying to fix them in any way possible with whatever spare parts were available from a graveyard of other bikes. It was never fun back then, but in a way it left a subtle but indelible love for understanding and working with mechanisms.

Vipul Negi
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