Visnu Fraenkel

Senior Industrial Designer


Visnu Fraenkel


The past 16 years, I have worked for Madison area product development firms, collaborating with an interdisciplinary team to uncover problems, identify opportunities and generate product solutions for the medical, dental, lab research, commercial and consumer industry. Over the years I have worn many hats in addition to my Sr. Industrial Design role, from marketing, building and managing a companywide material library; participating in user research programs in Europe, South America and across the US; and creating motion graphics and UI app designs.


Continuing my product development journey of supporting client goals and utilizing my diverse project experience lens to navigate challenges and generate insightful solutions.


I am service orientated. It's a value that drives me both at work and within the community. A big passion of mine is community service and giving back with a focus on animal rescue. Over the past six years I have been a doggie foster mom, a pro-bono graphic designer, rescue transporter, and fundraising coordinator. Helping others in need provides me the biggest reward.


Being exposed to new experiences, travel adventures, and wandering the great outdoors is at the top of my list. Having two big active dogs, a tug and a pull is just an arm’s length away and they get me out hiking to explore new trails. Following the first summer of COVID-19, we purchased a teardrop camper that feels like a tiny Scandinavian-style home. This past summer we started creating new travel stories in it and I can’t wait for all the future cross country road trips.

What is your first memory of design?

When I was in high school, I traveled to India. While I was there, I had the opportunity to volunteer at rural cataract eye camps. One of my assigned jobs was to hold a flashlight over the patient’s eye during the duration of the surgery. At first, I thought the perfect solution (mostly for me to avoid certain, unavoidable nausea) was for the surgery tool to have an integrated source of light. This seemed a brilliant idea until I discovered the real reason for my job as a “flashlight holder” was for the sudden emergency created when the electricity goes off. Something not all the uncommon in rural areas. The importance for my job became all too real when the room suddenly went dark and I stood with absolute attention, gripping my flashlight and aiming it squarely over the patient’s eye as the doctor made an incision with a surgical knife. I almost fainted. This experience made me aware of the diverse and unique challenges that doctors, patients, and people from around the globe face every day. I left with a deep sense of empathy, a quality that I value as a product designer.

Visnu Fraenkel
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