Vivian Lin, Design Strategist & Project Manager | Delve
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Vivian Lin

Design Strategist & Project Manager


Vivian Lin


Working together with clients to understand the "whats" and "so-whats" of their users' needs, using those insights to envision possible futures, and creating road maps that can help them get from the here & now to an ideal future state.


Instructional Designer,
Assistant Professor of Linguistics, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Massachusetts Institute of Technology: PhD in Linguistics
Harvard College: BA in Linguistics with minor in Folklore & Mythology, summa cum laude


Curiosity about everything.
Navigating the leap from rigor and logic to inspiration and innovation.
Learning and working with a really cool and talented group of people.


Ice hockey: I play competitively and proselytize by coaching adults still new to the sport.
Music: From a background in classical violin to current band projects playing drums or bass.
Other: Collecting hobbies!

What is your first memory of design thinking?

I was about eight or nine and wanted to see how my Timex mechanical watch worked. So I took it to the basement and pried off the back. What I saw made no sense to me, so I tried to put it back together, but couldn’t get the back to snap into place. I grabbed the only tool I could reach—my dad’s hammer, laid the watch on a pillow, and hammered away until the back popped in. Sadly, the watch crystal was smashed to bits in the process. I did learn that day that there can be truth in advertising: My Timex certainly took a licking, and kept on ticking.

Vivian Lin