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AmpStrip Design Wins Spark Award

Design Concepts recently won a Gold Spark Product Award for our industrial design of the Fitlinxx Ampstrip.

The AmpStrip is the first heart rate and activity monitor that athletes can comfortably wear 24/7. The device, about the size of a large Band-Aid, adheres directly to the torso using hypoallergenic-grade adhesive and continuously tracks heart rate, activity, respiration, body temperature and posture. Designed for serious athletes, AmpStrip provides data through a mobile app platform that enables users to monitor their performance and make better decisions about the type and intensity of each day’s workout.

The design is thin, flexible, and waterproof with embedded electronics, induction charging and wireless Bluetooth connectivity. A molded silicone body encases the electronics for maximum flexibility, enhanced comfort, and waterproof performance. A distinct silhouette and angled rippled texture create an iconic visual impression that is aggressive and athletic as well as comfortable and practical.

AmpStrip was one of four products recognized with a Gold Award. Click here for a full list of winners.

The Spark Awards are a design community and series of global design competitions. The Product competition had entries from more than 27 countries. The Spark mission is to promote better living through better design. The criteria are the same for all Spark competitions: does the design “Spark,” i.e., innovate, change the game, and in some way help humanity or the environment we live in. The Spark founders believe design is an important, relevant tool to help build a better world. For more information, visit sparkawards.com.

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