CES 2020: Day one

We have a team roaming the massive Las Vegas Convention Center today at the Consumer Electronics Show, better known as CES. We'll be adding to this blog post throughout the day as we find cool stuff to share.


Marking urban mobility smart

Hyundai is re-imagining urban transport with its Smart Mobility Solution that features customized "Purpose Built Vehicles" that shuttle people around on the ground while "Urban Air Mobility" vehicles lighten the load on the road by providing personal flying options. They announced a partnership with Uber to develop an aerial ride sharing network. See more

Toyota concept
Toyotoa LQ concept

Reaching for Level 4

Toyota's LQ concept car is an electric Level 4 autonomous vehicle, meaning it can drive itself without the driver needing to take control. It was introduced last fall at the Tokyo Auto Show

S-770 combine

Combine gigantine

John Deere's 20-ton, S-770 combine was the largest robot we've seen today. It uses field-to- cloud technology and is guided by GPS, visual and tactical sensors.


Fly the techy skies

Delta Air Lines is showing a number of new technology partnerships at CES to improve the flight experience. They are working with Sarcos Robotics on testing an exoskeleton to help employees working in baggage claim.

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The Ocean SUV

New EV

Electric vehicle entrepreneur Henrik Fisker introduced his first mass-market EV, an SUV called the Ocean. Starting at $37,500, it will be cheaper than Tesla’s Model 3 and get between 250 and 300 miles per charge. It will feature solar panels on the roof.

Bird ebike 1
Jetson ebike 1
Bird and Jetson e-bikes

E-bikes are big

For the first time, e-bikes and e-mobility solutions are gathered in the same area of CES. Lots of cool-looking e-bikes from Bird and Jetson prove that it's a trend that's not slowing down.


Eye candy 

There's always a lot of cool things to look at during CES. The revived Victrola brand's pastel, retro digital turntables are always a treat for the eyes. Royole's tree made of flexible AMOLDED color displays was a stunner. And Karma Automotive showed its sexy SC1 Vision concept electric vehicle. 

Royole flexible screens

Bendy screens

Royole had a full line of flexible screens for smaller consumer use that were eye-catching. 

Robot chef
Bot Chef

Domo arigato, Mr. Chefboto

Samsung was having its Bot Chef make salads for visitors. There are labor shortages in commercial kitchens in many markets, but home use for something like this seems like a stretch.

Bosch IOT Shuttle
Bosch IoT Shuttle

Home on wheels

As automakers push toward autonomous vehicles, we're seeing cars and shuttles that are increasingly bringing the comforts of home to passengers. 

Bosch Specter
Bosch Spector

Security with privacy

This cool little burglary detector from Bosch combines different sensor signals such as motion, noise, and pressure. It can be placed anywhere -- home, car, RV, garden shed. The rechargeable battery powers the device for up to two months and it features multiple wireless connectivity options. No camera + no microphone = complete privacy


Digital "ohm"

Technology can help your inner-being, too. There's a cool-looking Yoga visualizer that helps you get in the right alignment for a more effective session. And Panasonic is doing demos of its Human Insight Technology, which can sense and display stress, posture, and state of mind.


Learning through robot

DJI’s Robomaster educational robot is one cool learning tool. Loaded with multiple types of sensors, an omnidirectional chassis, and a high precision gimbal, this makes stepping up programming, math, problem solving and critical thinking skills tons of fun.

Bosch smart glasses
Bosch smart glass kit

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