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Hmmm… am I more hungry than unwilling to get cold?

The answer was YES, I am hungry and more willing to brave the Wisconsin winter cold to go out for lunch than to listen to my stomach growls without lunch. Heading toward the door, I ran into a coworker who was venturing out for the same reason and we decided to lunch together. Dan drove (thank you) and already had a place in mind… Which Wich. I was good with the new recommendation and happy for lunch conversation.

Upon entering, we received a cheerful greeting of “have you been here before?” Being a newbie to Which Wich, I was led to the side counter and given a brief intro to the process.

This side counter was well defined and expansive enough that I quickly figured out the ordering procedure and did not feel hurried while determining my sandwich voyage. The signage positioned above the counter provided the initial information and decision point of sandwich type. The clearly labeled bins contained the corresponding sandwich order forms that allowed for in-depth detailing of the sandwich and lunch experience.

I grabbed a marker and quickly realized that this procedure was different from other sandwich shops and intriguing enough for a closer evaluation.

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