CES 2015 Best of Show winner features design from Design Concepts

    06-Work-Case Study-Fitlinxx AmpStrip H1

    AmpStrip™, a heart rate and activity monitor designed to be worn 24/7 on the torso, won Endgadget’s CES 2015 Best of Show award in the startup category. The AmpStrip’s industrial design was created by Design Concepts, a product design and innovation consultancy headquartered in Madison, Wis.

    AmpStrip is an innovation in the fitness tracker category. The small, waterproof device, about the size of a Band-Aid, is attached to the torso with replaceable adhesive strips. It provides 24/7 information that helps athletes assess their training progress.

    Design Concepts’ sexy, streamlined design is meant to fit comfortably under clothes and to be stylish when visible during training and other activities. The AmpStrip is completely waterproof, making it particularly attractive for competitive swimmers and triathletes. AmpStrip was also recognized as a CES 2015 Innovation Honoree in the wearables category.

    The groundbreaking technology was created by Connecticut-based FitLinxx, a leader in heart rate and activity monitoring technology. It is the company’s first direct-to-consumer product. The crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo has reached more than double its goal in a little more than a week. The Indiegogo campaign ends on February 8. For more about the AmpStrip, visit www.ampstrip.com.