Delve’s Design Work to get National TV Spotlight July 17

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    Delve’s design work on the TIKI Brand Fire Pit and Wood Pack will be featured on America by Design, a nationally televised show about innovation, ingenuity, and design excellence, on July 17.

    The TIKI Brand Fire Pit and Wood Pack, the recipient of a 2021 Edison Best New Product Award, reinvents the wood fire pit experience. It combines low-smoke, instant-light wood packs with a fire pit designed with an internal airflow system and removable ash tray for hassle-free fires.

    The product is the result of months of collaborative work between Delve and Lamplight Farms Inc., the owners of TIKI Brand.

    To design a better fire pit experience, we set up a campground in our Madison office. We brainstormed the entire customer journey, from purchasing the fire pit through setting it up, lighting the fire, and storing it away.

    The final product is assembled fast—only three screws. It uses easy-light wood pellet packs, while also allowing for wood logs. Its modern design was inspired by outdoor furniture trends and it is cooler to the touch because of its shape and materials. All flame, no fuss.

    To find what time Delve’s America by Design segment will air in your part of the country, visit their website. It will also be streamed on America by Design’s YouTube channel.

    Read more about our work on the TIKI Fire Pit and Wood Pack.

    America by Design previously featured another one of Delve’s design projects, the Dexcom G6 continuous glucose monitor. Watch the segment on YouTube. The G6 was awarded an International Design Excellence Award in 2019. Read more about our work on the G6.