Design Concepts expands prototyping capabilities

    Design Concepts has added a new capability to our iterative design process. Two new bench-top injection molding machines are now in use which allows us to mold low melt temperature rigid plastics (ABS, polypropylene, etc.) and elastomers (TPE) to produce parts that are more functional and accurate than 3D printed parts. This is a key advantage when fit and function are critical.

    Jesse Darley, director of mechanical engineering, explained “this technology lends itself nicely to our philosophy of ‘fail early and often in order to succeed more’. We immediately started using the machines in projects as a low cost and quick way to prototype parts in order to learn how our designs function in real conditions. By utilizing this capability early in the design process we can make quick adjustments as needed resulting in a more robust final product design.”

    These simple yet effective new tools fill their own niche within our full array of prototyping capabilities, and will allow us to better serve our clients during the product engineering phase.

    Check out photos of the machine on Design Concepts’ Facebook page.