Design Concepts to present design session, workshop at SxSW 2017

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    Going to South By Southwest in March? We will be there, too. Make sure to check out our session and workshop.

    Saturday, March 11, 12:30 – 1:30 p.m.: “How to Give Design a Seat at the Lean Table”

    For the designer or lean practitioner who has ever wondered “does good design have a place at the Lean table?” … you’re not alone. We’ve tried and failed and tried again to embed designers and thoughtful design into Lean teams and MVPs. Swallowing our pride and embracing our failures, we have some powerful examples and learnings to share, including the five key things you should start doing right now to integrate design in a way that is both meaningful and measurable for your Lean startup. Unlike the Lean Startup bible that leaves the role of design ill-defined and squishy, we’ll give you the examples and tools to move forward with an MVP you can be proud of.

    The session will be presented by Design Strategist Roshelle Ritzenthaler and Design Researcher Amy Lee.

    Monday, March 13, 9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.: “Design Minds on Decision Making”

    Without structure, design decisions can easily become purely subjective rather than strategic. We can retreat into protective behaviors that shield us from taking on the big problems, deferring the wicked decisions that propel organizations into new frontiers and growth generation. As leaders, we need to shepherd the design efforts in our organizations by facilitating strategic decision making. In this workshop we will explore decision making theory and introduce methods, principles and tools to help management and key stakeholders coalesce behind effective design strategy despite widely diverse perspectives.

    This workshop began as a popular hour-long presentation at San Francisco Design Week. Stefanie Norvaisas, Director of Research & Strategy, and Vivian Lin, Design Strategist, have further developed the material to provide a practical, hands-on experience that will help you lead a decision-making process.

    We hope to see you this spring in Austin, TX. Register today at Let us know if you’re planning to attend … we’d love to hang out with you over some beer and tacos!