Free Service Design webcast to be held on April 4

    16-Staff Bio-Ritzenthaler Roshelle

    More and more, innovation today crosses the divide between product and service, physical and digital, customer and employee — a seamlessly integrated end-to-end experience.

    Designing for systemic offerings is called Service Design. In the US, services account for 82 percent of the GDP and employ over 1.7 billion people. These numbers are poised to grow as companies increasingly position themselves on a product-service continuum. If you think about companies like Apple, Uber, Google and IBM, it’s becoming harder and harder to even distinguish their products from their services.

    Join Design Concepts for a free webinar to be held at noon CST on Tuesday, April 4. Design Researcher Roshelle Ritzenthaler will describe the key principles of service design and how a service design approach can drive innovation in your product-centric organization. You will take away three critical steps to integrating — not reinventing— a service design perspective into your approach to innovation.

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