Madison product design firm seeks crowdfunding for development of adjustable hand cycle prototype for disabled children

    Design Concepts, a product design and innovation firm based in Madison, is working with No Limits Kids Fitness to design and build a hand cycle that can adapt to a variety of disabilities while adjusting to a child’s growing body.

    Design Concepts is seeking $5,000 in crowdfunding support to purchase the materials necessary to create one prototype. Staff from No Limits Kids Fitness will use the hand cycle prototype during its annual adaptive fitness and personal training class for physically disabled kids in 2015. The insights gained from the children will help further refine the design. Design Concepts is donating the design, engineering, construction and marketing services for the project.

    A typical hand cycle costs approximately $3,000 to $5,000. Current hand cycles aren’t adaptable to a child’s growing body or the variety of conditions that may impair mobility. The goal of the project is to create a hand cycle that can adjust to a child’s body as he or she matures, making cycling more accessible to families with disabled children.

    “We have a long history of designing sports equipment, especially bicycles,” said Dave Franchino, president of Design Concepts. “Our staff is full of passionate cyclists. We’re excited to help No Limits Kids Fitness in their efforts to make sure all children have an opportunity to experience the joy of cycling.”

    After testing the prototype and making refinements, the project team hopes to find a manufacturer who can help make the adaptable hand cycle available to more families.

    For more information, to donate or share, please visit The campaign will end on Sunday, Dec. 21, 2014