Sustainability & Circular Economy

Develop business resiliency for long-term success
Trust our longevity
Delight your users
Secure your edge
Rely on our experience

People and Planet and Profit

Sustainability is about developing business resiliency.

Resiliency to shifting geopolitics and market forces.
Resiliency to evolving consumer expectations and regulations.
Resiliency to the depletion of resources—natural, human, and material.

Studies value the emerging circular economy at $4.5 trillion.

Circular product design will turn waste streams into revenue streams.

Dive in.

How We Do It

Strategy Icon, Delve Circular Economy & Sustainability Product Design
  • Regenerative Business Design
  • Speculative Design
  • Sustainable Futures
  • Value-Chain Mapping
Design Icon, Delve Circular Economy & Sustainability Product Design
Circular Product Design
  • Circular Design
  • Service Design
  • Social Impact
  • Transformation Design
Engineering Icon, Delve Circular Economy & Sustainability Product Design
  • Design for Disassembly
  • Material Use Analysis
  • Systems Design

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