Case Study
ETC ColorSource Spot jr

A spot-on product line expansion

Electronic Theatre Controls (ETC) is a leading manufacturer of lighting and rigging technology that’s used in some of the world’s most renown venues, like Carnegie Hall in New York and the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow.

They want to be even bigger. That meant thinking smaller. Their dream was to open the world of high-end lighting to schools, amateur groups, and small businesses.

They asked Delve to design and engineer their powerful ColorSource Spot spotlight into a more compact, affordable, and just as beautiful version. The result, the ColorSource Spot jr, is half the weight and half the price.

ETC Colorspotjr Light on t Top Side 916
ETC Colorspotjr Light on Ortho Right 169
ETC Colorspotjr Light on Hero Left 916

Engineering 52 LEDs Into a Coke Can

Fitting the lenses, lights, cooling systems and other requirements into a housing half the size of the professional version required smart component placement and careful design of airflow.

The team engineered 52 Lumileds LUXEON® C LEDs into a space the size of a Coke can, delivering stunning color with precision. The fixture also enables operators to adjust optics on the fly to customize light throw and focus to suit their venue’s needs.

We devised an innovative approach to cooling the fixture. The method takes up less space and maintains the whisper-quiet operation ETC is known for.

ETC Colorspotjr Light On Hero Left Square
ETC Colorspotjr Light Off Right Side Square

Designing the Spotlight to Stand Out and Fit In

The industrial design of the spotlight complements its functionality while allowing it to stand out as an exciting new offering in the LED fixture market.

We replaced the metal housing with a lightweight injection-molded plastic housing, which offered our designers greater flexibility to make the shape more compact. The design also makes it easy for staff at smaller venues to confidently master all the features.

While we took advantage of opportunities that the new material afforded, we focused intensely on maintaining the integrity of ETC’s visual brand. The result is a product that stands out while fitting seamlessly into the ColorSource family of lights.

ETC Colorspotjr Light on Hero Left 32 B

Testing with the Bat-Signal

During the four-month project, Delve conducted workshops with the ETC team to ensure the Spot jr is easy to assemble and use. In between, we were testing and documenting everything—throwing the spotlight on houses and casting the Bat-Signal in the sky.

ETC Spot Jr frame 8 C
Spot jr—half the weight and half the price.

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