Case Study

Now your kid can have a pony

Kid Trax makes a wide range of battery-powered ride-on vehicles for toddlers and children up to seven years old. They make super-cool play versions of farm and construction equipment, sports cars, police cars, motorcycles, trucks, dune buggies … you name it.

But what about a ride-on animal?

Inspired by robot “pets” on the market, Kid Trax wanted to make something scaled up and rideable. And what could be better than a pony? Every kid wants a pony.

Delve was challenged to design both a pet and a vehicle. Basically, all the functionality and features of the small-toy inspiration had to be combined with the strength and stability necessary to carry a three-to-seven-year-old rider without tipping.

It was important to Kid Trax that the pony, named Scout, be as real as possible. Interaction is based on sensor feedback, so Scout makes crunching sounds when fed a toy apple or carrot, follows along when led by the reins, and is steered by head direction. Scout even dances with his owner.

Diagram of Scout's robot skeleton

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