CES 2020: Day two

Our team spent the second day of CES at Tech West, home base for health, wellness, home, wearable and fitness technology. It's also the hub for Eureka Park, where the scrappy startups vie for attention of venture capitalists and potential partners.

Fitt 360

360-degree video calls

Linkflow unveiled the first wearable 360-degree communication device. The three cameras on the neckband capture the wearer's surroundings and transfer the images and sound to a smartphone. The video can be shared with up to four people.

Panasonic automous wheelchair
Whill NEXT

Get me to the gate on time

Panasonic has been working with Japanese company Whill on an autonomous wheelchair. The vision is to be able to quickly whisk disabled customers and their luggage across large, busy airports with minimal stress. The concept has been in development for a couple of years.

Code jumper
Code Jumper

Making coding accessible

There are many toys available to teach kids the principles of coding, but none for the blind or visually impaired. Code Jumper teaches coding skills to  children 7-11 regardless of their level of vision. By connecting small pods together, children are able to create code that communicates songs, stories and jokes. 

Charmcare wearable bp monitor
Charmcare blood pressure monitor

BP to go

This small, wearable blood pressure monitor from Charmcare won a Best of CES design award.

Crave 2
Crave 1

CES decides sexual health isn't dirty

Last year, CES banned many female sexual health products from exhibiting for "indecency," which created some serious bad press for the organization. Crave by Ti Chang was one of the booths that was banned last year. Chang was one of the leading women to change that for this year. 

DFree incontinence wearable

Incontinence wearable

DFree is the first wearable urinary incontinence management device.  A non-invasive sensor attached to the body uses ultrasound technology to monitor the user's bladder around the clock and send notices when it's time to use the bathroom.

Connected litter box
Caremitou connected litter box

Vet tech for kitties

Cats are very prone to urinary problems, so this connected litter box by Novandsat might ease a lot of cat lovers' minds. It contains bio and behavior trackers, and can identify multiple pets in the house through RFID chip technology. Data can be sent directly to veterinarians.


Toidy tech

Since urinating, whether by humans or pets, seems to be a thing at this year's CES, why should it be any surprise that there's a robot that delivers toilet paper to you while you're on the throne? But Charmin's VI-Pee exhibit at the Procter & Gamble takes it all several steps further. It incorporates virtual reality into your potty experience. Perhaps you could watch an Elton John concert while you're on the john. On a more serious note, TOTO introduced in IoT-powered mobile public bathroom that people can find on their smartphone when traveling.

Li Bant flexible battery
Flexible battery

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