The 6 tests to tell if you should buy or design that component

More often than not, designing your cool new product relies on some new widget. You’re not sure if you should design your own or buy one from a supplier. What if there was a straightforward way to decide?

With our six tests, you’ll learn how to make the decision with confidence.

We've all been there. While you're debating the decision with yourself, your team is pulling you every which way. The engineers are itching to design it themselves, and they might have even started already in secret. The manufacturing team doesn’t want to build it, let alone inspect it. The marketing team doesn’t much care but promised you’d be in production... tomorrow. Finance is worried about cost-of-goods-sold, but your capital budget is already over-committed on this project. Your test and development team is stressed and not looking for more work. Your legal team is worried about IP and liability. It goes on and on.

What should you do?

This is why we created the six tests white paper. Download it here for free.  

Should I design or buy?

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