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2024 04 23 Quantitative User Research HERO
Why You Want Quant(itative User Research)
What’s the point of doing user research? Why not just design a product based on your own point of view and your anecdotal understanding of people’s needs?
2024 03 01 LED touch interface HERO
Developing a Product with an LED and Touch User Interface
Sometimes the simplest designs are the most difficult to get right. Here's how we approach the design of a low-information-density user interface.
2024 03 11 tolerance stack HERO_download
Download Delve's Tolerance Stack-Up Analysis Calculator
Our engineers have designed a better tolerance analysis tool that makes doing tolerance stacks a joy. Download it here for free.
2024 02 29 Parametric CAD HERO
On-Ramp to Design Engineering: Parametric CAD
We use Parametric CAD to design the majority of a wide range of new products. Here are some of the problems it helps us solve quickly and capably.
2024 02 29 electronic product design HERO
On-Ramp to Electronic Product Design: Which Is the Best Embedded Solution for Your Product?
Inside every electronic device sold today – whether it’s a coffee maker, phone, automobile, or Mars Rover – is an embedded solution, or a combination of hardware and software that makes the thing run.
2024 01 23 8 Questions Smarter Parts Selection HERO
8 Questions to Smarter Parts Selection in Electronic Product Design
Using leading-edge parts comes with risks. You may have a great, even disruptive, product to debut, but realistically it needs to get to market before someone else beats you to it.
2024 01 11 D Do S Defense HERO
On-Ramp To Electronic Product Design: 4 DDoS Attack-Prevention Tips
The huge number of unsecured IoT devices currently connected to the internet make DDoS attacks it all too easy. There are measures you can take to make sure yours is better protected.
2023 12 on ramp sealing
On-Ramp to Design Engineering: Sealing
Figuring out just how much sealing products will need is part of the design process.
On ramp CFD Bridge
On-Ramp to Design Engineering: CFD for Product Development
In its infancy, CFD was complicated, expensive, and challenging—so it was only employed for complex projects like bridges and the space shuttle. Today, engineers use it to optimize everyday products that incorporate the flow of air, gas, and fluids.
Dont launch late hero
Don’t Launch Late! Four Ways to Reduce Risk in Connected Device Development
Launching nine to 12 months late can cost a project up to 50 percent of its potential revenues. Here’s how we reduce technical risks to keep connected device development on track.
Pt4 hero
On-Ramp To IoT: Prototyping Your Connected Device
You've grasped the basic anatomy of an IoT device, identified how you’ll connect with and begin to communicate with the cloud, and selected a cloud service provider. It’s time to get prototyping.
Pt3 hero
On-Ramp To IoT: Selecting a Cloud Provider
Make sure your provider uses a well-known and secure method for communicating.
Pt2 thomas edison HERO
On-Ramp to IoT: Getting Connected and Communicating
When you’re designing a connected device, there’s a lot of testing you can do before you get to the production-grade prototype. Here are a few examples of different fidelity levels of prototypes you can use to test early on in your IoT product development.
Onur binay ph Qn S6 Pw PBI unsplash smaller
How To Maximize Battery Run Time in Mobile Electronic Devices
Design efforts to maximize battery run time typically focus on minimizing standby power, but an equal emphasis should be placed on designing for peak power.
HEADER Simulation LL
Our Product Engineers’ Best FEA Simulation Tips
As product engineers, we use FEA simulations to develop, test, and refine designs. These best practices allow us to move quickly while keeping simulation results accurate, honest, and affordable.
2024 02 29 Troubleshooting Bugs in Electrical Products HERO
On-Ramp To Electronic Product Design: Troubleshooting Bugs in Electrical Products
Successfully troubleshooting these problems prior to product launch is in everybody’s best interest, and can be the most rewarding part of a project for an engineer.
2023 03 27 Authenticate Consumables HERO
A Cost-Effective Approach for Authenticating Consumables
Authentication is not appropriate for every product, but there are many applications where it's necessary for the manufacturer, end user, or both. Authenticating your consumables need not break the bank.
2024 Waterfall diagram blog images updated HERO_white
The Medical Device Design Process
Having trouble deciphering the FDA waterfall diagram process for medical device design and development? You’re not the only one.
Design for Sterilzation animated cropped
Design for Sterilization of Medical Electronics
Learn design techniques to maximize device reliability for common sterilization processes — autoclave, ethylene oxide, and ionizing radiation.
Ricardo gomez angel Pqku Jqzghew unsplash
Transforming Engineering
The list of industries experiencing huge disruption fueled by “technology” is growing by the day.
Austin-distel-w D1LRb9Oe Eo-unsplash
Running Effective Engineering Design Reviews
When not orchestrated well, a design review can very quickly turn into an unproductive meeting and send a team spinning with a poorly conceived action item list.
Degrees of sealing HERO
Degrees of Sealing: Designing Rugged, Waterproof Enclosures for Electronic Devices
Electronic devices today are expected to go where they’ve never gone before. Demand is growing for waterproof, rugged consumer and commercial electronic devices.
06 Article Jesse Tolerance Tool H1
We are an open book
In the spirit of open source innovation, we are sharing our Tolerance Analysis spreadsheet for mechanical engineers.
2023 11 27 Using the PCA Method HERO
Using the PCA Method To Assess Use Errors in Medical Usability Testing
The PCA (perception, cognition, action) method recommended by the FDA helps researchers assess and understand why a use error has occurred.
12 Article Emmerich Super Cap Illustration H1
Technical summary: Supercapacitors
Increased performance and declining costs will pave the way to new uses and improved system performance for supercapacitors.
A System Approach to Advanced LED Product Design
LED technology opens up a world of possibilities and some new considerations for product design.
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