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Face shield designs to fill the gap

We are all feeling a little helpless in the face of COVID-19. We are looking for ways to help. Face shield shortages are putting health workers at risk.

Download the open-source face shield design

Lots of cool handmade solutions are popping up including ways to cut up a two-liter soda bottle. For handy folks, this is a wonderful approach.

Cartoon about safety

We feel like there is a gap in the response to these shortages. It’s the niche between craft project and mass production. It’s possible that this niche will need to be filled long term as traditional supply chains break down during demand spikes or transportation challenges.

Delve, Midwest Prototyping and University of Wisconsin-Madison Makerspace adapted a face shield design used at the University of Wisconsin hospital and found affordable and available bulk materials at every mechanical engineer’s favorite online resource McMaster-Carr. If you buy enough material to make 1,000 masks, the cost of goods per mask is $1.70.

Photo of early face shield on Jesse Darley
Jesse Darley wears the face shield.

Midwest Prototyping has set up an assembly line to make as many of these as possible to serve the local community.

Delve is providing this drawing of the design for anyone to use. We hope you can use this face shield template to build local supplies for your hospitals.

Download the open-source face shield template

Photo of packaging face shields at Midwest Prototyping
Packaged face shield ready to be delivered to local hospital.

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