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Service Experience Jam: Designing cool service sh*$!

Last weekend, we gathered as a multidisciplinary team and headed to Chicago to attend the second annual Service Experience Jam.

We weren’t alone. In 40 locations around the world, from Hangzhou to Vancouver, Santiago to Helsinki, teams of service design practitioners and aficionados gathered over the weekend to prototype, learn and connect around a shared passion for designing experiences that work for people.

The Service Experience Jam headquarters surprised us all by this year’s secret theme. It was just a sound. How do you design a service around a sound? Each team was given the latitude to interpret the themes generated by the “sound” however they wanted with the goal of prototyping a service experience around said theme. Our Design Concepts team (not one to back down from a challenge) took the road least traveled and selected “poop” as our theme.

By the end of the weekend, what started out as a far-out theme started to feel more like a blue-sky opportunity. Huh, poop?! Hang with me for a sec…

Our Service Concept:

More than ever, people are embracing the behavior of the quantified self, using self-monitoring and self-sensing products to track inputs, states and performance. Most people, however, do not consider their “outputs” in the entire equation of health and wellness. Surprisingly, your poop can provide many key indicators about your overall well-being. These indicators can be as simple as nutrition but could also be indicators to larger health issues such as gastrointestinal disorders, autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, and mental health. Additionally, there is an increasing body of evidence that suggest food sensitivities are more common and have a wider and more varied impact on our health than previously realized. As our Scottish teammate noted, many European countries today do mandatory stool collection tests via mail, often after the age of 50, to test for colon cancer. But, as we learned, paying attention to your overall wellbeing shouldn’t start at 50.

What’s your poo telling you? Apparently it could be telling you more.

While there are existing services on the market for fecal collection and testing, there is no holistic service that looks at tracking and diagnostics that empowers the user in a way that is non-disruptive to their routine.

How might we create a service experience that leverages not just tracking our inputs (calories and nutrition) but also our outputs?

We couldn’t design for everyone. In fact, your service will be stronger if you don’t design for everyone.

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