Stefanie Norvaisas to speak at innovation summit

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    Delve Vice President of Strategy Stefanie Norvaisas will share expert advice about innovation, why it fails, and how to move through failure at the Gener8tor Corporate Venture and Innovation Summit on March 24.

    The presentation, “Innovation Decision Making and Failure Modes,” is rooted in Stefanie’s two decades of experience developing research and design strategies that inform new brand, retail, and product strategies for clients in the US and worldwide.

    "Innovating is hard, but we make it harder than it needs to be," Stefanie said. "It's impossible to prevent failure—it's part of the process. It is possible to move through failure toward success if you know how to spot failure when it's happening."

    Attendees will learn to identity and move through five failure modes from impacting their project:

    1. People problems. When people are not set up to empower, include, and execute.
    2. Unsystematic thinking. When we think in touchpoints and department silos, but miss the holistic ecosystem.
    3. Theatrics over impact. When we focus more on visuals, words, and the perceptions of innovation than the impact and execution.
    4. Frozen in time. When we get stuck in the present and distracted by the past and the future.
    5. In-decisions. When we don’t know how to make and stick with good decisions.

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