Visual Communication

Expertly crafting visuals to help you explain complex experiences, tell better stories, and communicate human-centered messages.
Visual designers looking at branding
Designing for an audience

Our team is well-versed in information design, video production, motion graphics, and facilitation to elevate your brand and support knowledge transfer among project teams, internal stakeholders, and the end user.

  • Data visualization
  • Information design
  • Naming & branding
  • Marketing communication
  • Visualizing speculative futures
Full-service graphic design team - drawing table
Not just "graphic design"
A traditional graphic design department relies on creative briefs and completed content before they begin. But we're full-service.

Our visual design services work with you to communicate the right information, at the right level, in the right order, and crafted for a specific audience.

Person presenting visual pitch idea to organization
Visual stories to pitch ideas and persuade organizations
Innovative ideas are fragile. A poorly designed presentation—a pitch for a new idea, a project update to executives—is all it takes to break the momentum.

We can help you communicate your new ideas to investors, internal stakeholders, and customers by collaborating on pitch decks, videos to explain features, and quick-start guides for the end user.

Digital designed infographic
Turn technical information customer-friendly
There's a growing need for improved information design in our digital world.

Whether it's internal stakeholders, subject matter experts, or end-users, we are experts at designing information with your audience in mind. We make sure your message connects.

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Selected Case Study

Viz comm test future foam

Speaking the customer’s language

From user needs to marketing communications services, our team helped identify the shopping process and with that deep understanding created a strategy and executed tools to support sales. By understanding the end user and speaking their language, we assisted Future Foam with brand identity through sales kit production.

Our Visual Communication Team

Corin Frost
Corin Frost
Senior Director of Communication Design
San Francisco
Laura Li-Barbour
Laura Li-Barbour
Principal Marketing Communications Designer
Lily Wolf
Lily Wolf
Visual Communications Manager
Shelby Floyd
Shelby Floyd
Principal Visual Communications Designer

Our full-service support helps project teams, stakeholders and decision-makers tell a compelling story, emotionally connect with an audience, explain a complex idea, and express their brand.

Visual Communication Design Services

Print Production Pieces

  • Reports and books
  • Collateral and promotional items
  • Demonstration kits and sales systems
  • Product packaging art

Video Production and Storytelling

  • Scripting, shooting, and editing video
  • Motion graphics and animations
  • Photography

Information Design and Illustration

  • Posters, maps, and presentation decks
  • Storyboarding and illustration

Marketing Communication Design Services

  • Communication and advertising pieces
  • Presentations and leave-behinds
  • Tradeshow banners and materials
  • Visual assets for web and social media

Brand Identity

  • Logo and naming
  • Visual brand systems and training
  • Branded templates for corporate use

Environmental Brand Design

  • In-store experiences
  • Brand installations
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At Delve, we think of the full Product Development Process. That means we support our clients not just through Strategy, Design and Engineering, but also the ‘intangibles’ along the way.
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