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Satellite terminals & solar array

Design for the unconnected

This is truly a big, hairy, audacious goal – connect the whole world to the Internet. Provide the half of the world that currently has no access to the digital revolution with a platform to participate, which will spur improvements in the economies, living conditions, healthcare and education of developing countries.

Accomplish this through a large array of small satellites streaming data at lightning-fast speeds. Make it easy to connect using lightweight, portable satellite terminals that can be powered by solar energy in emerging markets and rural areas. Create terminals that work on planes and emergency response vehicles to enhance safety and efficiency. Make it affordable. Make it beautiful.

That’s the challenge that Greg Wyler, CEO of OneWeb, has taken on. He has good company in his quest – Sir Richard Branson, Founder of the Virgin Group, and Dr. Paul E. Jacobs, Executive Chairman of Qualcomm Incorporated, are on OneWeb’s board of directors.

Photo of OneWeb display at conference
Greg Wyler, CEO of OneWeb, demonstrates the satellite terminal after his keynote speech at the Satellite 2015 Conference.

OneWeb had a challenge for Delve – design ground-based satellite terminals for three usage scenarios and a portable solar array. Then create realistic visual renderings and build a high-fidelity visual model for the Satellite 2015 show.

And, by the way, get it all done within a month.

Concept sketch of the OneWeb system
The initial concept sketch that, through a series of refinements, led to the final product.

Moving at the speed of light, we devised and refined a cohesive brand language with a user friendly and elegant appearance. With little to go on – just OneWeb’s vision and a set of dimensions to accommodate the embedded technology– our industrial designers quickly created a range of concepts. The selected approach uses an articulating mount to secure the satellite terminal onto a solar array that folds up neatly for greater portability and ease of distribution.

Photo of folded solar panel
The solar array, which folds for easy shipping and greater portability.

Our engineers tackled the mechanical challenges of a folding solar panel, designing the articulating mechanisms necessary for smooth, reliable operation. With plans in hand, our prototyping team built a glossy, realistic model to unveil during Wyler’s keynote address at Satellite 2015.

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