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Connected Faucet

Saving the earth starts at your kitchen sink


The earth’s supply of freshwater is finite. Our population and its demand for water is not. In the U.S., it’s not just the West that’s affected. Longstanding droughts, aging infrastructure and rising demand mean that hundreds of cities and towns are at risk of severe shortages either because of lack of water or unsafe drinking water.

This isn’t a hypothetical. The U.S. Office of the Director of National Intelligence has ranked water scarcity as a major threat to national security.

Solving the problem will take multiple approaches, but one simple act that all of us can take is to waste less water. If all U.S. households installed water-saving features, water use would decrease by 30 percent.

Faucets account for approximately 16 percent of water use in a typical home. With that in mind, Delve developed WaterWyzer, a connected IoT faucet for the kitchen sink that provides a novel way to control and save water through a user-friendly app.

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Engineered for simple install using minimal tools, WaterWyzer can be retrofitted to an existing kitchen.

The unit offers hands-free operation, which can help save water when washing pots and pans or filling pitchers. Just press your knee against the under-sink cabinet to turn the water on and off. Unlike existing infrared (IR) faucets, this leaves the user’s hands completely free from the process, saving time and water.


Engineered for simple install using minimal tools, WaterWyzer can be retrofitted to an existing kitchen. It features valves that stop and start water and sensors to monitor flow.

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The system uses both Bluetooth LE and WiFi connections to address immediate tasks and gather data. The clean, simple appearance of the under-sink unit blends in to most cabinetry.

Our team designed and developed the accompanying Android app that provides data on historical water usage patterns and shares water-saving tips. It uses a system that employs both Bluetooth LE connection for real-time monitoring and control and WiFi to aggregate data in the cloud.  

Combined, these features allow users to better control their water usage at the kitchen sink and track their conservation progress over time.

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