CES 2020: Day one cool stuff

We roamed the massive Las Vegas Convention Center the first day of the Consumer Electronics Show, better known as CES. Here are some additional fun things we saw.


High fashion on the floor

Cannon was all about showing its superior lens and camera technology with an eye-popping fashion show at its exhibit area. They introduced a virtual, AI-powered "assistant" that helps professional photographers by doing the more mundane editing tasks and culling photos that have technical issues. They also announced a platform for professional photographers to connect with potential clients. As far as physical technology, they announced the EOS-1D X Mark III, an impressive camera designed for photojournalists and sports/wildlife photographers. 

A little "Ghostbusters" action at the Sony booth

Welcome to Sony City

Sony always has one of the largest, most impressive exhibit spaces and this year was no different. It had a cityscape feel, including the Ghostbusters-mobile parked on an appropriately Gothamesque alley. They were highlighting their 8K and OLED screens, immersive audio and even a concept car packed with – wait for it – Sony entertainment technology.

Speakers in every size, shape

Speakers galore

With the success of Google Home, it seemed that just about everybody had a connected and/or wireless speaker at CES. You can have a speaker in your lamp, your bathroom vanity mirror, your car headrest ... you name it. And those speakers come with lots of options from soft, neutral and fabric-colored to sleek, hi-tech black. 


Screens as furniture

Panasonic launched a new flagship OLED television, but stayed out the 8K game this year. They had the expected immersive gaming and broadcasting tech, but from a design standpoint the incorporation of wood and other natural touches on some of their screens was something refreshing. 

IMG 3211
IMG 3217
Modular concept car

Build your own

The concept of building your own vehicle with modular components continued to be seen at CES this year. The concept of making a vehicle like your living room while AI drives you to work is also trendy.

Connected farming
Planty Cube

Garden in a box

With an increasingly urbanized world and climate change, vertical farming in controlled environments is gaining traction. Reducing the carbon footprint by growing food closer to where its consumed is a selling point for the technology. Planty Cube is an IoT startup that added some welcome green. 

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