Is your company in control of its user experience?

I recently had an experience that left me thinking about the way in which technology and social media have eroded and blurred the boundaries surrounding our interactions with a company’s products and services.

I was flying to Madison from San Diego with a tight connection in Chicago and was curious to see how our flight was progressing. Since I’d sprung for the overpriced and excruciatingly slow internet access, I brought up FlightAware and tracked the flight. If you’re not familiar with FlightAware, it’s a website that tracks the radar flightpath of any commercial aircraft.

Over the next thirty minutes I watched with grim fascination in real time as a weather front developed over the Midwest and air traffic control began to bob, weave and delay our flight. You don’t have to be a commercial pilot to look at the screen capture below and know we were in trouble. By the time the pilot finally came over the intercom to announce the bad news, our section of the plane had already known for 40 minutes that there was no way we were getting to Chicago any time soon (we ended up in St. Louis).

As internet technologies began to weave their way into our lives, we got exposure to a wealth of information and avenues we’d never seen before.

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