Six things to consider as the Internet of Things intersects medical devices

We’re on the verge of a fascinating intersection—perhaps collision—as the world of Internet of Things (IoT) technology begins to deeply encroach into the world of medical device development.

We’ve all experienced the remarkable impact of mobile apps in our daily lives, but when the consumer-based IoT begins to intersect with medical devices, things are going to get interesting.

Apple’s new iWatch is the latest in a string of sensorbased, connected devices that offer exciting new platforms for medical device development. Developments in higher-performance sensors that are lower in cost and power requirements, combined with mobile platforms, cloud connectivity, and big data can enable the creation of truly novel devices and systems.

So what does this mean for the medically-focused design engineer? Big changes and new challenges.

Tantalizing new opportunities are available in connecting medical devices more broadly with patients, clinicians, health information, and the healthcare infrastructure. Mobile platforms and accompanying sensor-based connected devices offer the promise of unprecedented levels of information, access, and feedback. When coupled with medical devices, the opportunity to reduce costs, improve patient outcomes, and positively change behaviors is too great to ignore.

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