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App for safer shopping

App tracks Covid safety of restaurants, grocers

Coronavirus has made shopping choices more fraught for many people, particularly those at risk of severe COVID-19.

To provide consumers with timely safety information for dining out and grocery shopping during the pandemic, a small team developed an app similar in nature to Yelp, but more focused for residents of Madison, Wisconsin, where Delve is headquartered.

The team collaborated with the Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce to ensure the app would be desirable to local businesses. The Chamber ended up being the largest stakeholder – their input, along with feedback from users, other stakeholders, and sponsors, helped to define the app’s requirements.

To start, our Design Insights & Strategy researchers crowdsourced users’ information desires and weighed them against the Chamber’s voice of business to prioritize which datasets got into the app. Requirements were prioritized according to their importance, which allowed our Software Engineering group to define the technical requirements to support and start working ahead on the backend structure. Interaction Design was working in tandem, conducting contextual research, creating the information architecture, and wireframes for each screen of the app. Because of their familiarity to most consumers, Yelp and Google maps were inspirations for the UI design.

Map of visual design of app
Project Inform visual design

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