Case Study
Perlick Collection

Creating a black-tie kitchen experience

Perlick, a leading manufacturer of commercial and residential refrigeration, wanted to offer a complete in-home luxury kitchen appliance suite. They identified an opportunity to add a new column refrigerator/freezer product platform as part of their residential strategy.

Building off Perlick’s 100 years of refrigeration expertise, Delve helped them understand what luxury meant for their customers and identify opportunities to improve the refrigeration experience.

The project kicked off with research in food and cooking trends, retail audits, and interviews with kitchen designers to understand their process and needs.  That research, combined with strategic brand direction from Perlick, led us to create four design drivers for the project: Be authentic, be innovative, be luxurious, and be bold.  These design drivers represented the essential, underlying ideas we wanted the product to say to customers, what it looked like, and how it felt to interact with it. 

Photo of temperature controlled refrigerator bin
The digital interface is designed to be intuitive and elegant.

We also identified key needs not addressed by the current high-end refrigeration market that we wanted to be sure a tackle: reducing food spoilage, creating a display-like setting for foods, and offering more user friendly and accessible controls.

To ensure we were making sound decisions as our concept developed, we created several full-size prototypes to test out our ideas about accessibility, drawer sizes, and the tip-out produce bin.  We also tested different-colored bins, materials, and lighting colors to see what would help with visibility and showcase food the best.  

Sketches of design concept for Perlick refrigerator
Our design team shared several concepts with kitchen designers to refine direction.

Once we had developed several concepts, we shared them with kitchen designers and used their feedback to refine to a single direction.  What we ended up with was the Perlick Collection, a column refrigeration / freezer platform that brings together commercial-grade performance, high-end style, and ultimate usability. The clean, minimal design can seamlessly integrate into any kitchen designer’s vision but gives the home owner a clear sense of luxury at every touch point. 

Photo of split shelved refrigerator interior
Photo of slide-out deli tray in refrigerator
Our design addressed needs such as reducing food spoilage and creating a display-like setting for food.
Photo of slide-out deli tray in refrigerator
Dark slate drawers and stainless steel convey a sense of luxury through a high-contrast palette.

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