Case Study
Smart Bike Lock

Bike locks get smart

It’s estimated that 1.5 million bikes are stolen every year and FBI statistics show that bicycle theft is on the rise.

LINKA, an Oakland, California-based startup, discovered that 85 percent of stolen bikes are inconspicuously ridden away. LINKA focused on smart technology that immobilizes the wheel and locks it to the frame while sounding a 100 decibel siren if the lock senses that the bike is being tampered with. Having to carry off a screeching bike should be more than enough to discourage most would-be bike thieves.

The Bluetooth-enabled LINKA bike lock will recognize you through your smartphone and will automatically unlock as you approach so you don’t need to carry a key. It also features tamper alerts that are sent to you via your smartphone in the event that your bike is messed with. The built-in siren is programmed to minimize false alarms by discerning between the movements of thieves and someone who might have bumped your bike by accident.

Photo of bike lock on bike in park

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