People who know me well know that I am bit of a podcast junkie.

The amount of time I spend listening to podcasts is a bit embarrassing. My ability to keep up with them has gotten to be such a challenge that I’ve learned to listen to them at high speed to maximize the time I have to take them in. Getting through all my podcasts gives me the same feeling of accomplishment as getting my inbox cleared.

I might have a problem.

I can take some solace, however, in knowing that I am not alone in this podcast addiction. The proliferation of podcasts is astounding. iTunes alone claims to have more than 250,000 unique podcasts and one billion subscriptions.

In a time where I feel like I have increasingly less time to actually read information, podcasts have been a welcome savior in helping me keep up with current events, learn new things, and take in just-plain-cool stories. I’m always amazed by the topics (like one podcast dedicated to every episode of The West Wing, a show that went off the air in 2006!) and I’ve been especially excited to find great podcasts on topics related to work projects (especially in the healthcare space) that have helped me “get smart” on a topic faster.

I’m always happy to share my favorite podcasts and am so thankful when I get a recommendation for a podcast that becomes a favorite. Here are a few “greatest hits” I recommend. Consider it my special “mixtape” gift to you:

Let’s start with some fun ones. Have a road trip coming up? Need to put together some IKEA furniture? These podcasts are entertaining and totally binge-worthy:

  • S-Town. A murder, a clock maker, tattoos. True story and worth all the hype.
  • Serial. I recommend Season 1 about the death of a teenage girl and her boyfriend who claims he’s innocent of her murder. This got me through a long trip to Japan (and didn’t help the jetlag at all).
  • My Dad Wrote a Porno. Warning – definitely NSFW and some will take offense to the content. But it is hilarious… and based on a true story (sort of). I started listening to this while wrapping Christmas gifts last year and laughed so hard I couldn’t cut a straight line in the wrapping paper.
iTunes alone claims to have more than 250,000 unique podcasts and one billion subscriptions.

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