Inspiration Index 10-13-20

Since Covid, "water cooler" chats at Delve's three offices are now largely happening on Microsoft Teams, where we're sharing what we're reading and listening to with each other. We're compiling some of the best nuggets into what we're calling an "Inspiration Index," that we'll share on a bi-weekly basis. We hope you discover something that will inspire - or at least intrigue - you.

Is innovation overrated?

In the past month, our team had a discussion about “The Innovation Delusion,” a new book by authors Lee Vinsel and Andrew L. Russell that argues American business has been too focused on pursuing novelty and disruption while ignoring maintenance and infrastructure – “the ordinary work that keeps our world going.”

Mechanical engineer Alex Surasky-Ysasi added to the discussion by sharing a report from our neighbors at the Filene Research Institute about organizational friction.

Judging by this invention, we don’t think so …

Did you know that more than half of all particulate emissions created by vehicles on the road and released into the air and waterways, come from tire wear –

microscopic pieces of artificial rubber? A group of British graduate students just won the James Dyson Award for creating a patent-pending technology that captures rubber particles when attached to a vehicle’s wheels. Their startup is called the Tyre Collective.

Collaborating virtually

Amy Lee, Director of Insights & Strategy, shared an article from Deloitte about how virtual reality technology could become a norm in how we communicate and collaborate with each other. For example, why fly across the country and expose yourself to potential illness if you could attend a conference virtually? Virtual worlds could open up engagement with sports and entertainment, education, and work, the authors write:

“With these converging technologies and a world moving toward immersive, virtual collaboration, we will likely see a shift: from developing individual AR and VR solutions to creating customized, virtual worlds that allow people to engage with others. The perfect technology storm is here, the new reality of virtual worlds is being created, and companies are taking interpersonal collaboration and engagement to the next level.”

Is working from home burning you out?

Katie Broughton, a Project Manager from our San Francisco office, share an article from Fast Company on recognizing work burnout and options for managing the stress.

Midwest companies benefit from sustainable practices

D. Paul Barnes, an Industrial Designer in our San Francisco office, shared a research report projecting the economic benefits of a circular economy in the Great Lakes region -- $4.4-$5 billion. The report contains case studies demonstrating best practices from companies such as Kohler, Steelcase, Whirlpool, and Proctor & Gamble.

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