Inspiration Index 9-25-20

Since Covid, "water cooler" chats at Delve's three offices are now largely happening on Microsoft Teams, where we're sharing what we're reading and listening to with each other. We're compiling some of the best nuggets into what we're calling an "Inspiration Index," that we'll share on a bi-weekly basis. We hope you discover something that will inspire - or at least intrigue - you.

We're reading ...

  • New World Same Humans, a newsletter about technology, trends and culture by David Mattin, an English writer and speaker on these subjects. Stefanie Norvaisas, VP of Insights & Strategy, has added this newsletter to her regular reading list. Mattin offers quick-read and deeper dive options, making this a very reader-friendly experience.
  • "Boom Time for Death Planning." Corin Frost, Director of Visual Communications, shared this "Fabulous article about end-of-life industry innovation, by mostly women-led innovators" by Jennifer Miller for The New York Times.
  • Stefanie also recommended an interview with Michael Phillips Moskowitz of AaBeZe Labs, who talks about "digital nutrition," which is how people consume, self-administer or relate to digital content to promote rather than impair health. His company is creating and helping people stick with "digital diets." 

We're listening to ...

Cool tools

  • Amy Lee, Director of Insights and Design Strategy, finds Strativerse to be a “really beautiful and comprehensive trend framework.” According to Atelier's website, "Strativerse refers to the layers of Mixed Reality (MR) that will exist on top of our existing analogue world. Facilitated by IoT, MR hardware and data streams, a new universe is emerging, visible only to those with hardware to perceive it." 
  • Ken Soliva, Director of Interaction Design, is intrigued by technology that's designed to reduce contact with objects in public spaces, particularly touchscreens. Delve has explored similar concepts as Freetouch, a touchless solution. Despite a lack of specific evidence support COVID-19 transmission from surface contact, touchless screens may become increasingly common in the future. While Ken has some reservations about the user experience of current solutions, he thinks it's interesting to see how others are exploring touchless transactions.
  • Who needs actors? Design Researcher Samantha Jones shared with our group the first-ever text to video platform, Synthesia. Users can create AI videos by typing in text and create "engaging video content without the need for actors, film crews and studios." 

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