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Your brand deserves a language

How do we know the difference between a designer handbag and a knockoff?

Or identify which insurance company is advertising just by the chime of a jingle? What is it that makes an Apple product instantly recognizable?

Perception is a powerful cognitive and psychological job that’s constantly performed by our brains. We process massive amounts of incoming information from all of our senses, filter that information and select the most useful parts. Perception goes back to ancient times, when we learned what to like and what to fear based on sensory input. In today’s reality, our perception field is required to filter all of this information in a way beyond survival to fit our social realities.

Consider how uniquely the Cooper Mini, a pair of Beats headphones or the Burberry plaid pattern communicate their brands. It’s not just their marketing materials or logo emblem, it’s the choice of each curve, negative space, proportions and color palettes that artfully coalesce to reflect their brand essence.

Visual Brand Language is a tool created by designers to establish, at minimum, a consistent aesthetic, form or appearance across products—physical or digital or both.

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