User experience design services in action
UX/UI expertise for digital and digital–physical products

The Interaction Design team at Delve offers services that can improve your existing user experience or guide your team through a process to realize innovative digital products and services new to your industry and even the world, including:

  • Digital devices
  • Smart devices
  • Mobile apps
  • Web apps
  • Desktop apps
Ux/ui design research
A great UX/UI design is based on great research
What tasks does your customer do? What tools do they use? What information do they need? How does your client use your product?

A person’s needs are central to designing a usable and satisfying digital experience. Discovery surfaces insights that make your product work exactly as the user needs it to.

REAL system - interaction design
What interactions are the building blocks of your user experience design?
Do you need a touchscreen display, or would it be better to move the controls to a smartphone app? Could voice controls be leveraged?

Each interface option drives system architecture in different directions. Each direction has its own set of opportunities, challenges, and constraints. We’ll explore all options with you.

Visual design ideas on paper
Functionality that expresses brand
Is there a unified visual language between the physical product and its software? Are the aesthetics desirable? Do they improve usability?

The visual design of your user interaction design can express your brand personality and enhance your product's usability. We're equally comfortable working within existing design systems and guidelines as we are helping you to create your own from scratch.

Our Work

Pro Nova logo 180x180
“Delve helped us define a patient environment that is a true differentiator for our new company.”
Joe Matteo, President, ProNova Solutions
Baebies 6
Baebies: Rapid, Intuitive Newborn Screening
Intensive research and real-time prototyping led to an integrated digital-physical redesign that makes rapid screening technology more accessible.
HERO Victor
Victor: A Better Mouse Trap
How do you build a better mouse trap? Get smart. Connectivity enabled Victor® to design a 21st-century solution to a centuries-old problem.
NEW20160701 1analogic hero 3
BK Ultrasound: Sonic Window
Delve helped BK Ultrasound bundle its game-changing technology into a widely adopted, easy to use, award-winning medical device.
OPT intro
BD Diabetes Care: Digital Hub to Manage Type 2 Diabetes
In order to better serve the needs of people with Type 2 diabetes, BD set out to create a central, digital hub for people to manage all aspects of their care.
06 Work Case Study Pro Nova H1 @2X
ProNova: SC360 Proton Therapy System
Imagine being strapped into a large machine, completely immobilized, for an hour while it delivers high doses of radiation to treat your cancer - every day for six months.
Slide 1 HDM Breas Clinical intro
HDM-Breas: IoT CPAP system for clinical side
Delve worked with the team at Breas-HDM, physicians, and our development partners to create a new ventilator platform for healthcare providers to monitor, triage, and collaborate on the care of the often dozens of patients they treat on life support.

Why Integrate Interaction Design into Your Development Process

Ken Soliva THUMB
Interaction design focuses on defining the form and features of digital products. This skillset is pivotal when designing at the intersection of digital and physical.
Ken Soliva, Senior Director of Interaction Design, Delve

Our Recent Thinking

Better way digital physical med devices thumbnail
A Better Way to Develop a Medical Device with Digital and Physical Elements
Next-generation medical devices with hardware-software interactions need a new, holistic development methodology.
2024 Mapping hero
How to Use Mapping to Determine the Design of Your Controls
Good mapping makes products easier and more intuitive to use. Done well, it can create a powerful connection between a product and its users.
Digital physical hero2
7 Principles for Designing Great Digital-Physical Products
Adding a sensor or touchscreen to just about any product has become cheap and straightforward. But it doesn't always make things better for the user.
digital medical device design - hero
A Better Way to Develop a Medical Device with Digital and Physical Elements (Part 1 of 2)
Next-generation medical devices with hardware-software interactions need a new, holistic development methodology.
Digital physical workflow HERO
Using Digital-Physical Workflows to Master Integrated Product Design
Digital-physical workflows help us envision what needs to happen in the digital world and the physical world, as well as where the two need to work together.
Brian j tromp VTY Dk U n3 s unsplash cropped
Calm Technology in the Era of Push Notifications
In a world of “ubiquitous computing,” how might technology communicate information without hijacking a person’s attention?
2023 11 03 7 Ix D design principles for Io T HERO
7 Interaction Design Principles for IoT Product Designers
Interaction designers have spent decades figuring out the best way to build an interface from scratch. A lot of what we know translates well to smart products.

Our Interaction Design Team

Alex Huffaker
Alex Huffaker
Senior Interaction Designer
Chris True
Chris True
Principal Interaction Designer
Colin Beney
Colin Beney
Senior Interaction Designer
Ken Soliva
Ken Soliva
Senior Director of Interaction Design
Pradyuman Kodavatiganti
Pradyuman Kodavatiganti
Senior Interaction Designer

Members of the Interaction Design team are generalists who draw from a breadth of applied knowledge and technical skill in not just interaction design, but also information architecture, visual design, and prototyping to ensure intuitive, effective, safe, and engaging digital user experiences.

Digital Product Design Services

  • Digital/UX strategy
  • Design research
  • Content strategy
  • Information architecture
  • Interaction and UI design
  • Visual design
  • Prototyping
  • Usability testing
  • Design systems
  • Software and firmware development

Let's build something together.