CES 2020: Day two cool stuff

Our team spent the second day of CES at Tech West, home base for health, wellness, home, wearable and fitness technology. It's also the hub for Eureka Park, where the scrappy startups vie for attention of venture capitalists and potential partners.


Remote surgery

AT&T was showing how its 5G technology could move the future of healthcare forward, particularly for underserved areas. The operating room of the future featured VR technology that could enable an experienced specialist to guide a surgery conducted at a remote hospital.

Eye Que1
Eye Que2
EyeQue vision test

Upon refraction ...

EyeQue is a smartphone-based, at-home vision test that combines a Bluetooth optical scope, a mobile app, and a cloud-based platform for self-administered refraction tests. The results could be used to order prescription glasses online

Lexon Oslo Collection

Eye candy part two

Lexon painted its Oslo Collection of everyday home electronics in subdued shades that are so-very 2020.

Diey by In Win

So what is it?

Computer? Art? Office furniture? We're not entirely sure. But In Win Development says: "While Diey will accommodate plenty of PC hardware, it also crosses into the smart home threshold, potential advertising device and a reactionary system based on hand gestures, voice commands and even the sound of music." Yeah, that ...

Erica robot Nippon TV
Erica the robot

News from Uncanny Valley 

Erica is a creepily sort-of lifelike robot who is a "journalist" on Japan's Nippon TV. Eastworld?

Vitesy plant air purifier
Click Grow2
Vitensy air purifier and Click & Grow

Plant power

Vitesy showcased a series of air purifying products including a planter with technology that amplifies the cleansing qualities of indoor plants. Smart Garden from Click & Grow is like a Keurig for plants - just stick the pod under the grow system and it provides all the light, warmth and moisture necessary to grow a plant. 

Willow breast pump
Willow2 2
Willow wearable breast pump

Flow on the go

Pumping breast milk is a pain. Willow has made it discreet and portable with its wearable breast pump. They were displaying their improved 2.0 model at CES. 

Eureka Park2
Eureka Park

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