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Homework with Amy Lee

While we're all working in our homes, we thought it would be fun to check in with our team members to see how they're doing and what their new offices and co-workers look like.

How is sheltering in place working out for you?

Sheltering in place has been working out as well as it can be! I really miss a good meal and drink with people outside the home. Not a big home-chef but trying a few new things here and there.

Photo of dishes and cookbook
Trying some new recipes.

Do you have a good home office space or are you improvising?

I’m fortunate to have a spare room/office that has become a really great home office space. I was able to cobble together a stand-if-I-want desk out of home organization boxes. Was considering making a whiteboard wall, but I’m not that handy, and have a home improvement list already a mile long!

Photo of Amy Lee's home office
Using boxes to make a stand-up desk.

What are your distractions? How are you resisting them?

In some ways, I’m fortunate to not have many distractions in terms of other humans in the house during the day. No kids and my husband has been going to work almost every day (we own a couple of shoe stores). The dog is so old he sleeps most of the day and I have to wake him to go for a noon-time bio break.

Photo of dog sleeping in dog bed
Bucky snoozes the day away.

What do you like about working at home?

Working from home has made me connect with my team and colleagues differently. That’s meant I’ve learned a few new things about them. Zoom and Teams technology woes create some really good laughs now and then!

My home office window, even though it’s just a few feet away from the next house, has been a great window on the ever-changing seasons and weather of Wisconsin. Rain, snow, sleet, hail – oh and a duck that hung out for a bit.

Photo of duck looking in window
Our duck friend.

What don’t you like?

Virtual meetings really do get exhausting! I usually have a packed day of meetings and that hasn’t changed at all. Being in the office made me get up and move around more. That doesn’t happen enough at home.

How do you keep in contact with your co-workers and clients?

Zoom. Teams. Zoom. Teams. Repeat.

Photo of computer screen during videoconference
All digital, all the time.

What do you miss about being in the office?

We have such an amazing space and culture at Delve, hard to recreate that perfectly at home! I miss the opportunity to run into and chat with people who aren’t on my team. Seeing/hearing what others are up to.

We’ve been able to adjust really quickly and nicely to remote collaboration, but there are some days I just want to be locked in one of our project rooms with my team in a sea of Post-It notes and whiteboard madness so we can get the juices flowing.

What are you doing at home when not working? Any new hobbies or projects?

I have a plan to re-paint three rooms, and lost steam after the first one. I keep the paint out in the dining room so it stares it me to finish! A friend turned me on to an Instagram account with a crazy cleaning lady and that’s inspired some deep cleaning. I’m forever behind on podcasts and audio books, so those have been great ways to catch up. Finally getting through some books that have been stacked up forever.

Photo of colorful shoes
Comfy shoes.
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