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Homework with Corin Frost

While we're all working in our homes, we thought it would be fun to check in with our team members to see how they're doing and what their new offices and co-workers look like.

How is sheltering in place working out for you?

I'm happy to work from home because, I can focus on my work and enjoy being in my cozy home "studio". I'm also fortunate that the only "coworkers" I have at home are two dogs and my partner who I have always been jealous of when I leave in the morning – he Works From Couch every day!

Do you have a good home office space or are you improvising?

I have a small room upstairs that has always been my "sewing and project room". It has a window looking across the street to the lake and my dog LeeLoo loves to visit and sleep on the mid-century-modern day bed (when I put away my clothes – it's also the room with my closet).

Photo of Corin Frost's home office
Home office/sewing room that looks over the lake.

What are your distractions? How are you resisting them?

As an introvert, I feel I have less distractions at home. I can wait to answer a Teams message rather than interacting whenever someone stops by my desk at the office. I have more energy for my work that otherwise I would spend chatting with folks – which I do miss, but I think chatting with folks over a cocktail after work rather than at work would be my preference anyway.

What do you like about working at home?

I love that I can work on my schedule and take breaks to walk or play with my dogs outside. I also love being near my hubs – we work really well together and like to be able to ask each other's opinion on our design projects anytime we need it.

What don’t you like?

I do miss wearing my "overly-coordinated outfits" and picking out how to express myself through my clothing every day. Don't get me wrong, stretchy pants and no shoes is wonderful, but fashion is a big part of my personality.

Photo of dog on chair
Photo of two dogs
LeeLoo and Frankie, canine co-workers.

How do you keep in contact with your co-workers and clients?

Teams is working really well. I love seeing my coworkers on video chat (especially when we have an all-women team and I can look at those gals and think, we're bad-ass design ladies and be really proud – my male coworkers are great, but representation and inclusion is pretty special to see). The Zoom Happy Hours and Daily Music Challenge Dave Franchino prompts are also very enjoyable!

What do you miss about being in the office?

I miss seeing people appreciate and enjoy our beautiful office. A lot of care and consideration went into the design and when I see how it works for all of the creative people and projects within it, I have lots of happy feelings.

What are you doing at home when not working? Any new hobbies or projects?

So happy it's almost garden season! We have done the yard/garden prep and just waiting for the last frost to be over while starting some seeds at home. Also, my sewing powers have been fully tapped with the design of the PAPR hood for Badger Shield and designing/making beard masks for the furry-faced people I love.

Photo of Corin Frost's garden
Photo of beard face mask
Working on garden projects and the beard mask.
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