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Operation #BadgerShield

March 26, 2020

Since we posted a blog post talking about how the Open Source Face Shield project had started to supply the University of Wisconsin hospitals with this critical personal protection equipment (PPE), our team has had little time to breathe.

Download the Badger Shield open-source design

The momentum is enormous, so I wanted to share some updates and then provide a bit more context on what has gone well and not so well as the design, engineering, and manufacturing communities have stepped up to address the PPE shortage.

Here's an update on recent activities:

  • Lennon Rodgers and his UW Makerspace team have consolidated a bunch of resources to help new groups start making shields. Here are the manufacturing resources.
  • Brian Ellison and the Midwest Prototyping team have ramped up production and are delivering around 1,000 of what we're calling Badger Shields to UW Hospital every day.
  • Our consortium of high(er)-volume manufacturers and suppliers is growing and includes Summit Medical, Coaster Cycles, Electronic Theater Controls and Ford.
  • A really nice article was published about the Badger Shield effort in Wired. Their URL calls us tinkerers. Tinkerers, really? Professionals.
National media is noticing our effort.
  • An engineer in Davis, CA made and delivered 100 shields to local clinics, showing how one person can make a difference.
  • A small group in the UK is working with the National Health Service to ramp up the Badger Shield effort across the country. This is led by Barry Lillis from Osler Diagnostics and Lucy Jung from Charco.
  • Our Director of Visual Communications, Corin Frost, created the awesome Badger Shield logo.
2020 03 24 Badger Shield Logo BW
Our new logo!

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