06 News Building Update May H1

We're packing the boxes

We're getting ready to move in August to our new Madison headquarters.

It wasn't too long ago that the Lyric building was some columns and elevator shafts.

Now it's starting to look like our new Madison home.

Work has begun on the interior space and we anticipate moving in mid-August 2017. We will occupy sections of the first, second and third floors of the commercial part of the building.

06 News Building Update May S1
Moving into a brand new space presents a lot of challenges and decisions to be made.
06 News Building Update May S2
Light streams in from the windows facing East Washington.
06 News Building Update May S3
The walls are going up. We anticipate moving in sometime in August.

Our new address at 1010 E. Washington Avenue will put us closer to the heart of downtown and venues such as Breese Stevens Field, which is just next door.

The East Washington corridor has seen an explosion of new development in recent years and we are excited to be part of this vibrant neighborhood. Many of our staff will be able to bike and walk to work. We'll also have a plethora of great restaurants and bars nearby, which opens up lots of new opportunities for entertaining our clients.

And the closer? Indoor heated parking!

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