What type of innovator are you?

Innovation is tricky business, so is working in teams.

Over the years, we have created different tools and approaches to help navigate some of the typical pitfalls.

Innovator typology is one of those tools. We use this during project launches, meetings and work sessions.

It is meant to be a quick, non-scientific, kinda goofy way to get people talking, self-identify how they work, get to know each other, and set some expectations. You could use any of the many assessments out there in the world, but we like to start with this one.

So I'd like you to look at these five types and think about which one you are. Which one would your colleagues choose for you? While most of us have a bit of all of them in our approach based on mood, project and team, we usually have a dominant one.

So think about it and pick a type from the image above. Or two if you must. Or all of them if you have to. There is no right or wrong.

In our meetings, we then go around the room and describe why we chose a certain type and how we tend to be on teams in good times and bad.

The primary goal is to have a balanced team. Make sure that all types are represented. If a team isn't balanced, then you need to figure out how to make sure to get that point of view into the mix.

The other goal of innovator typology is get to know each other. Take me, for example – I am not being mean or purposefully disruptive all the time, I'm just a wandering muse. Feel free to ask me not to be so “musey” all the time and I may ask you not to be so “devlish” right now. It is a tool to foster self and team awareness.

A secondary approach would be to start a meeting by asking each other how we will behave today and pick your type. That way, everyone in the room will know your mood and go-to stance so the team has a greater undertanding going in about how you are going to be.

Don't forget to have fun!

Oh, and if you don’t see one that matches your special uniqueness and charm, create your own!

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