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A couple of weeks back I had one of those great experiences that makes this job absolutely unbeatable. We had the chance to visit a client who is wrapping up final testing on the prototype of a product on which we collaborated. Unfortunately, confidentiality still reigns on this project so I need to keep the exact client and project under wraps. But it looks like they’re pretty close to springing it on the market – and we’re pretty sure it’s going make a huge impact. It doesn’t just look and work great — it completely rethinks the industry. In short, it’s a wow.

Other than the logical pleasure that comes from seeing all our collective team’s hard work come to life, this one was particularly satisfying for me. You see, when they retained us this client’s business was struggling and their previous product simply wasn’t delivering in the market. I think it’s really interesting to see how companies choose to react when they’re under a ton of competitive pressure. It can be really easy for companies to get gun-shy and conservative. Some lose their nerve and simply shoot for “good enough” or “me too."

Not this client. From the minute we started to work with them it was apparent they weren’t going to shy away from their challenges. They had the courage and the drive to go all-in. They took the time and effort to deeply study users and their needs and to completely reimagine the market in a remarkably bold new way. Basically, they weren’t going to be satisfied with anything less than a wow. It wasn’t easy and it didn’t come without its fair share of sweat, determination and sleepless nights — both for them and for us. But a wow is what they knew they needed. And a wow is what they got.

I’m tremendously proud of our collective team’s work and the excitement within our client’s business is incredibly rewarding and gratifying. I’m also deeply respectful and appreciative of the amount of courage, trust and vision it took on the part of our client’s senior leadership to refuse to accept anything but market leadership in their business.

It’s a great lesson for all businesses — success isn’t for the timid. Wow isn’t easy, but wow is worth the effort.

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