Man providing prototype development services
Services to help your product take shape

You can see, touch, experience, and evaluate design and function only with a product prototype in your hands.

Services to help your product take shape:

  • Sketch models
  • Mock-ups
  • Form study models
  • Proof-of-principle models
  • User-experience models
  • Visual models
  • Functional prototypes
  • Virtual reality models
Delve prototype shop
7,000 square feet of in-house shop space

All studio locations provide our teams with space and tools to create, evaluate, and reiterate.

Our in-house capabilities at Delve include:

  • Complex CNC machining (including 3-axis, 4-axis, and turning)
  • 3D printing (FDM)
  • Manual machining
  • Silicone molding/urethane casting
  • Sheet metal fabrication
  • Welding
  • Laser cutting
  • Show-quality finish painting

Our Work

Thermo Scientific: Putting Concept to the Test
Delve assisted Thermo Scientific's engineering team by creating a proof-of-principle (POP) prototype for the Raman module of Thermo Scientific's Nicolet™ iS™50 spectroscopy system.
HEADER helmetfit 01
HelmetFit: Football Helmet Inflation System
HelmetFit's award-winning, intuitive digital-physical user experience makes helmet inflation faster, easier, safer, and more precise.
Cloudtalk hero final
CloudTalk: Nucleus IoT Video Intercom System
We worked with an entrepreneur’s existing video chat software to create a prototype intercom system that earned the attention of major manufacturers.
7alcon hero
Alcon: Cataract Surgery Scalpel
Delve developed a new scalpel that skirts competitors’ overly broad patents and keeps costs low.
06-Work-Case Study-Standard-Imaging Secondary4-1186x667 @2x
Standard Imaging: DoseView 3D 3-Axis Water Phantom System
The accurate delivery of high-dose radiation can significantly improve outcomes for cancer patients. Nothing short of perfect positioning and calibration of equipment is acceptable.
Dexcom in use cropped touch up
Dexcom: G6 Continuous Glucose Monitoring System
While users of the previous Dexcom system greatly valued its enhanced ability to monitor their glucose levels, applying the subcutaneous Dexcom sensor to their bodies was an obvious pain point that was a barrier to wider adoption.
06 Case Study Perlick Range Fridge H1 @2X
Perlick: Refrigerator/Freezer Product Platform
Perlick, a leading manufacturer of commercial and residential refrigeration, wanted to offer a complete in-home luxury kitchen appliance suite. They identified an opportunity to add a new column refrigerator/freezer product platform as part of their residential strategy.

Why prototype?

Jason Splan THUMB
Product design is an iterative process, and models are a critical part of that process. Models allow designers and engineers to interact with a concept in a tangible way, identifying flaws and opportunities for improvement.
Jason Splan, Director of Prototype Development
12 Article Darley Pre Mold H1
The Role of Virtual Prototyping in Product Development
When you have to make something where failure isn’t an option, you better make sure that it will work.
2023 12 11 Non Finito Prototyping HERO
Non-Finito Prototyping: A New Technique for Digital-Physical Product Design
In art, an unfinished work remains unfinished. In design, an unfinished work opens up possibilities for the user.
The Six Prototypes Every Startup Needs To Make
Smart startups spend on prototypes. Different levels offer different benefits along the process journey — here are six of the most important to make.
2023 05 22 soft goods prototyping HERO
How to Use Low- and Mid-Fidelity Prototyping for Soft Goods
It’s important to prototype and test soft materials at various stages in the product development process.
Corin Hood 1
PAPR Hood for Healthcare Heroes
The goal: To outfit every health care worker with PAPRs – an amazing piece of equipment used to filter air and inflate a bubble around the wearer’s head to reject any contaminants.
06 Article Michael Vr Prototyping A
VR: From “Dactyl” to Practical
From a '90s novelty to an exciting design tool, virtual reality offers client-facing opportunities for design immersion.

Our Prototyping Team

Jason Splan
Jason Splan
Director of Prototype Development
Paul Petri
Paul Petri
Senior Director of Prototype Development

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