Case Study
Kite engine

The answer is blowing in the wind

The passion of entrepreneur Rob Creighton, the Windlift kite engine is designed to harness the wind and create power to pump water, compress air or charge batteries for individuals in rural areas of developing countries.

The Windlift is designed to be an affordable system to replace expensive diesel fuel currently used in power generators. Creighton approached Delve to develop a simple design that could be manually operated and repositioned to capture variable winds and to demonstrate that the system could, in fact, generate electricity.

Engineers translated Creighton’s ideas and rough models into a functioning, measureable system capable of producing power to run a small generator. Through a truck-mounted, revolving system of pulleys and steering mechanisms, the operator maneuvers the kite to capture the wind and keep the kite aloft. A laptop was used in testing to measure wind speed and gauge the system’s performance.

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