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Inspired by their heritage of solving everyday problems in the home, garden, and outdoors through superior performance and design, Fiskars saw an opportunity to tell a compelling story of innovation for garden and yard care tools that was grounded in user needs. They asked us to develop a roadmap of products informed by trends that would sustain category leadership now, soon, and later.

Fiskars is a 350+ year old company, initially founded in 1649 as an ironworks, that has grown to become a global supplier of consumer products. Their portfolio of garden and yard care tools has been developed through a comprehensive approach to research, design, and validation of solutions. The portfolio and approach to development is all oriented on helping people care for and enjoy their outdoor spaces.

Fiskars identified an opportunity to evaluate their market through a lens of responsiveness to user needs, both established and emerging, and asked Delve to build a multi-year roadmap of platforms and correlating new product concepts that would have resonance with both consumers and retailers. This shift in thinking was complementary to a legacy of development grounded in technology and engineering.

With the goal of a roadmap in sight, we synthesized a vast body of past research and the existing portfolio of products, conducted desk research to identify unsolved user needs, and developed a trendscape. The trendscape considered emergent consumer expectations and the influential forces of technology, urbanization, demographic changes in the population, globalization, and changing climate conditions.

Fiskars Assets Bubble

This trendscape informed a number of initial platforms and concepts that were defined as emergent expectations, relevant user needs, illustrative concepts, a strategic roadmap (now-soon-later), and metrics for success:

Fiskars Assets Metrics

These platforms were narrowed down to five for further concept development and refinement. A wide range of concepts were then explored through interdisciplinary brainstorms, additional desk research, prototyping-to-learn, and workshops to capture feedback from the Fiskars team.

Fiskars Brainstorm
Interdisciplinary brainstorms informed platform development.

Final deliverables described platforms as “Imagine a World Where…” plausible futures and were staggered along a multi-year roadmap for development. Each platform was supported with user needs, hero concept sketches, foam core mock-ups, and preliminary design criteria. We also identified Most Important Next Decisions for Fiskars to explore regarding user verification, design refinements, and market assessment.

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