Service Design

If you want to move from managing transactions to creating relationships, you need to look at the job you do for your customers from a different perspective.


Service Design is an emerging field of practice in the United States that breaks down boundaries between channels, silos and touchpoints to understand the true end-to-end experience for all people involved in the delivery of your service experience.

Design Concepts’ one-day workshop will help your organization begin to the shift from:

  • Touchpoints to end-to-end experiences
  • Customer point of view to ecosystem thinking
  • Stage-gates to ongoing relationships
  • Controlling to facilitating


  • Learn the basic tools and definitions of Service Design
  • Gain experience through a Service Safari of other (sometimes seemingly unrelated) services
  • Document your existing service to identify existing pain points and opportunities for innovation
  • Ideate new potential opportunities and prototype the experiences in true service fashion — by acting it out


  • Documentation of your Service Safari
  • Completed Service Blueprint
  • Up to three Experience Prototypes

Participants will leave with

First-hand knowledge and tools that you can take back to your organization.

Who will benefit from this workshop?

Anyone wanting to drive value through meaningful relationships with customers.

Attendees and time commitment

8 - 12 stakeholders for one day.


All workshops are held at Delve offices in Madison, San Francisco, or Boston. Cost for workshops ranges from $5,000 - $15,000 per team depending upon the workshop selected and the size of the group. Contact us to schedule your team today!

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