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Can't we all just get along?

Picture this ... You arrive at a business meeting, introduce yourself, sit down, pull out your pen to take some notes, and all of a sudden multiple people in the room start to mock you and make fun of your pen.

They make backhanded comments about how good of a job you can do with a pen like that. Sounds pretty out of place and strange doesn’t it? What if we replace the word ‘pen’ with ‘computer’ in the previous example? Would that seem as out of place? Or can you easily see people in a meeting making fun of someone else’s computer because it’s not the type that they prefer?

I have personally witnessed the latter many times. It really makes me wonder why it is that we understand that it’s unacceptable to mock other people’s personal appearance but when it comes to a tool as simple as a computer or smartphone we somehow can’t stop ourselves from commenting. What makes our choice of digital tool so contentious?

America is a nation glued to marketing and it very much seems that this “warring tribes” mentality of Apple vs The Man has permeated how people actually interact with each other. It’s not enough to be happy with your own personal choice of device, you must also voice disdain for the other person’s choice. Why? Please do us all a favor and try to catch yourself the next time you’re about to make a disparaging comment about someone else’s digital device. Believe me, it’s not elevating you.

People try to place importance on themselves with various metrics – it’s how we’re wired – but believe me when I say that the device you’re using doesn’t make you more or less important. It doesn’t. There are perfectly valid reasons for actually NEEDING to run one type of computer or OS over another, but the simple fact that your computer is the ‘right’ color or made by one company or another does not make you better at a job than someone else.

Please understand that the devices you are using do NOT define you, nor do they make you better or worse than another person.

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