Prototype Development

Our New Shop

The construction dust is finally starting to settle.

We are super excited to be in our new shop. Our equipment is back up and running and things are getting back to normal, which is very exciting. The shop is located on the first floor of the new Lyric Building, just ten blocks from the Wisconsin State Capitol.

One of our goals for the shop was to create personal work stations for our Prototype Specialists. Now each of them has a bench with overhead bins and a cabinet with four drawers to store all of their tools.

We also wanted to do our best at containing the dust that is created from the woodworking equipment and other dusty operations. We have a dedicated room for all our woodworking equipment and a few benches so people have a place to work.

One of the challenges of the shop was the venting of the paint booth. The final solution was to run the exhaust out the top of building. Which meant running over 100 feet of ducting!

Our space will continue to evolve, just like the first prototype you build of a promising concept.

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