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Something you can't Tweet in 140 words ... personal connection

There’s a strategic initiative going on at Design Concepts: “Thought Leaders.” Write something. Post something. Tweet something. I’m not much for 144 character blurbs: #whydofolksavoidpersonalinteraction

Nor am I one to blog about my personal interests on music (didn’t Jethro Tull invent the seed drill back in the 1700’s? And why does Ringo only use two toms?) or about my favorite sport I still play competitively (that’s hockey, baby!) and my not-so-random thoughts on how Joel Quenneville coaches the Chicago Blackhawks.

Heck, I don’t even have a Facebook page (and according to this Forbes piece, that makes me mighty suspicious). And it’s only recently that I relented, giving up my beloved Motorola V3 RAZR cell phone for a more up-to-date Android smartphone (still a Motorola – a Moto X for those interested – trying to support American ingenuity when I can).

Circling back to the original theme, all of us, in some fashion, are thought leaders in our respective fields. Because Design Concepts is a strategic experience innovation consultancy, we have thought leaders in every discipline – from business and design strategy, research, human factors, user experience design, mechanical and electrical engineering, project management and model making. Yet, one core discipline touches every project, every team member and every customer and no one ever talks about it.

Back to my notion of being old-fashioned, I call it sales. In today’s jargon, it’s called everything from business development to account management to customer relationship liaison.

Business is conducted face to face and person to person.
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